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I renewed my Certification with the State Library and needed to prove that I complete at least 45 hours of continuing education.  Thank the Lord Above that I had this site, with copious notes for every CE-related event I’d been to since 2008 Internet Librarian.  So, I did some organizing and labeled all of my notes as “Conf Notes” and then nested the different event categories under that…including handheld librarian, IL, KLA, PLS fall retreat and various webinars.  What kind of librarian would I be if I didn’t have my web site cataloged?

Coming tomorrow: Fall Assembly with keynote Joan Frye-Williams.  Twitterpation.

Also meeting with Michael A. Church, Digital Initiatives Coordinator, at the Kansas Historical Society about a possible collaborative digitization project.  The KHS has Kansas Memories, a CMS they developed 5 years ago with grant funding.  I want to have our libraries add their old pictures, maps, headstones, etc. to that existing state-wide repository…and maybe help put some additional grant money towards a face-lift, while the KHS provides expertise and assistance with project planning.  There are some 2011 Heritage Grants from the Kansas Humanities Council that look promising (and that this kind of collaborative project would qualify for…especially if we focus on something specific, like digitizing cemetery records for Libraries X, Y and Z).  I’m stoked – I hope this works out for us.


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