Long Live Leavenworth

Last week was spent up north at the Leavenworth Public Library.  They joined NExpress and had to be taught the ins and outs of PTFS Master, based on Koha 3.0.  After several planning meetings, we decided to split up the agenda thus, knowing that we had an opportunity on Wednesday to clear the book-drop back-log  from the 2-week closing (for new carpet):

Tuesday. In the meeting room. With a projector, demonstrations, screencasts and hands-on practice:

  • Intro and Reality Check – Mickey
  • OPAC and My Account – Brenda
  • Staff Client Overview – Heather
  • Staff Client: Check in :: Check out :: New patrons :: Managing Holds :: Searching :: Placing a Hold – Me
  • Troubleshooting – Heather

Wednesday. At the Circulation Desk. With the Live catalog, Staff:

  • Checked in hundreds of items,
  • Triggering dozens of holds,
  • Filling dozens of courier bags, which required Kansas Library Express labels
  • Provided ‘Advanced Searching’ training for the Reference staff – Me

Thursday. In the Tech Services Office. With volunteers from Atchison:

  • Processed 12 tubs of materials sent by other NExpress libraries to fill Leavenworth holds

By Thursday, things were flowing nicely and I could leave the Circ desk and train the last five staff members (nights and weekends crew) from 5-9 pm.  I showed back up Friday morning, but left by 10:30 because I was superfluous.  The Koha ILS, at its core, is easy to use.

We discovered new bugs, workflows that needed adjusting and peripherals that needed fixing.

What I loved most, though, was helping patrons, flirting with small children and making people happy…which is why I love being a librarian.