Harley Hiccups

Our recent upgrade from Koha 3.0 to PTFS Master 1.1 happened Saturday night and we’ve been managing the ‘hiccups’ ever since.  I’m going to be nice, polite, professional and keep this post limited to the subject of communicating effectively with 32 libraries in 14 counties during a turbulent period.

The most useful method, in my mind, was the Koha news feature.  We used this to push out quick and dirty updates and direct folks to other sources of news and information.

We supported the News feature with a full-length post on nexpresslibrary.org.  This is where we posted explanations, screen shots, and screen casts.  I reordered this list today, putting open tickets at the top and closed or fixed items farther down the list.  If you visit that post, you’ll see we’ve been busy.

For really important issues, we sent out emails.  Old skool, but still effective.  In these, we could use humor and examples and other cuddly methods of softening the news.

I hope that this three-way attack of information kept everyone informed, alert and flexible.

It’s not over yet, but we have the Leavenworth library migrating into the Shared Catalog over the labor day weekend, so we need to turn the Great NExpress Eye toward that for a bit.


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