WordPress Basic Lessons

When completely freaked out about an impending upgrade to PTFS Master 1.1 (Koha), what do I do to relax, unwind and stay sane?  Screencast!

At Tech Day and since, I have been asked to provide KLOW/WordPress Orientation to folks with new My Kansas Library on the Web Web Sites.  For self-paced learners, I’m creating a series of 3-5 minute screencasts covering various topics.  These are my ‘lesson plans’ from which I can go visit and give in-person training.

So, this is my rough outline for covering WordPress Basics for newbies:

  • First Steps – Update password and information for “librarian” user | Managing additional users | Updating default Settings for the site
  • Basic Content – Overviews of Categories, link categories, tags, posts and pages
  • Customizing the Site – Overview of themes | Finding and installing new themes | Widgets and Sidebars
  • All about Images – Overview of Media Library | Web image tips and tricks | Creative Commons | Inserting images | Themes using ‘featured images’
  • Intermediate WordPress – Upgrading | Overview of plugins | Finding and installing plugins | Creative posts and pages using the Kitchen Sink, ordered and unordered lists, blockquotes, indents, justification | Embedding videos and slideshows from 3rd party sites (Flickr, Slideshare, etc.)
  • Web site Policies – Do you archive or delete old posts? Do you allow online registration? Do you have a photo release form? Do you post Board minutes and agendas? Do you post all of your policies on the site? Who is allowed to add, edit and delete content?

So far, in two days I have completed six videos for “First Steps” and I’ve started thinking about how to approach “Basic Content.”  I’m looking forward to working on those tomorrow.


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