Tech Day To Do List

Ideas for NEKLS Tech Team, added to throughout the day:

  • NEKLS tech toy box – examples (In progress, $2,000 budget)
  • KLOW Orientation training (In progress, See WordPress Basic Lessons)
  • Recommendations on the Web site – Google Apps for email, what for distribution lists, KLOW for Web design, etc.
  • Koha Upgrade – change background color, encourage play, open up the lab for Upgrade Work Day (In progress and upgrade set for Saturday, Aug. 21!)
  • Alice pre-loads her kids and teens’ ipods with ebooks and audiobooks
  • On KLOW, share hints for getting better hit results on Yahoo and Google
  • Investigate the WordPress App for iPhones,
  • Open the lab for ebooks and OverDrive – invite Deb from TSCPL or Earl and Alice, because we’re told she’s da bomb on OverDrive
  • In Koha – catalog OverDrive books or identify when there’s an overdrive copy available – make it seamless! (No progress, but the request was repeated at the NExpress Users Group meeting Tuesday, Aug. 17)

Stuff for Me to remember:

  • PC Management – Write a post about what’s out there and in use in NEKLS to replace the clip-board system (Note to self, see email conversation with Beck Bookman Library in Oct. 2009)
  • Clean up the File Server – I volunteered to organize the 3 various NExpress-related folders and 20+ subfolders
  • Plan for my ‘Secretary Secrets’ Lab work day December 14 – best training to be a Library Director…be the Secretary to a Library Director of a big, urban library system
  • Finish evaluations
  • Test Leavenworth data after it’s reloaded
  • Contact Leavenworth to see if our training model for NExpress works in their environment
  • Answer questions, write blog posts, etc., etc., etc.

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