Tech Day 2010 – Live, with slight hiccups

Agenda for Tech Day 2010.  So, our presenter was stuck on the tarmac and the connecting flight left without him, but he’ll be here this afternoon.  A closing keynote instead of an opening keynote, but worth the wait.

We started with the lightning rounds – see later today for the list of shared sites, gadgets, etc.

Discussions and networking was fun – I have a To-Do list for next week. Lots of KLOW training and maybe a new Google Apps library!  Woot.

Breakout with Erica Reynolds – She’s taking good notes – we’re discussing which metaphor works best with the issue of patron’s bringing in their own technology:

  • Are we like Geeksquad? For a price and you sign a service agreement. Pros and Cons.
  • Physician’s Hippocratic Oath as a Metaphor – First do no harm,
    • “I will not be ashamed to say “I know not” nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient’s recovery”
  • Home Depot as a Metaphor – “You can do it. We can help.”
    • Place to go for resources and some training and advice for a project.
  • Other metaphors – (customer service), wholefoods (samples and instruction), Apple (iStore, genius bar), AARP tax-aide (space and free service in library space), Ritz-Carlton (big budget)

Gonna probably need a ‘metaphor mashup’ – Hippocratic Oath/Home Depot (Public service/private business).

Kids and Technology – (Liz Rea) much pulled from Latitude Study on Kids and Tech from

  • Expectations of Kids today:
    • Touch screens :: Immersive  technologies (link between real and online) :: Creating online :: Global citizens :: Gaming is part of everyday life
  • Touchscreens – realistic future requests, equalizes kids of different abilities (Microsoft Surface), Library iApp (reading lists, tags, metadata), iPads loaded with books, cheat touchscreens, Johnny Chung Lee – cheap electronic whiteboard using Wii remote (on YouTube – John’s idea), Surface used in Darien and Academic – tagged items
  • Immersive experiences – Talk about QR Codes and i-nigma – treasure hunt, geocaching, add QR codes to books with links to author sites, trailers, etc., link digital world and real world
  • Creating online –, making videos, making music (, science experiments like squishy circuits (
  • Global Citizens – video play dates via skype – practice foreign language, virtual show and tell, talk about how towns are same/different (sister city), Military parent skyping, Skype an author – schedule a virtual author visit,  flatclassroom project, highlight google earth
  • 10 Cool New Tech Toys for Kids on mashable – Fisher-Price web cam, crayola kids keyboard, Wii baby and me, Matryoshkus Nero

OverDrive Quick Reference Guide with Earl Givens

  • Need a library model for digital content (Patti says we are at the table in this new discussion)
  • Compatibility issues – biggest problem with troubleshooting Audio and video devices
  • In late August, a new ipad app
  • Buy ePub – better than PDF
  • Audiobooks v. eBook confusion among users
  • Overdrive OpenDRM books (so Kindle can use Overdrive) – will need to buy some for the collection
  • mobipocket – ebooks in a small file format, zoontext, bookmarks
  • Listen Up Kansas – (not quite ready)
    • Tutorials
    • Book suggestions
    • Mac Users
    • Software
    • Troubleshooting – pulling from SKL wiki
  • Free resources for training patrons – lots of steps to use OverDrive (not exactly intuitive) at
  • Search YouTube for How to videos! (she mentioned my screencasting lesson on 23 Things Kansas…cool)
  • Make appoints with patrons to work on Audiobook device set up with OverDrive
  • OverDrive Blog – to keep tabs on their developments
  • Mention OverDrive books on promotional/ RA pieces created for patrons
  • Use word of mouth
  • Browse, browse, browse
  • When in doubt, call Earl (or email, chat, call)
  • Don’t forget, any library can purchase and add to the collection (Coll Dev committee)
  • Using Advanced search – limit by purchase date to see what’s newly acquired
  • Small libraries can add ebook content (less expensive) High turnover in OverDrive.

Ideas for NEKLS Tech Team, adding to throughout the day:

  • NEKLS tech toy box – examples
  • KLOW Orientation training
  • Recommendations on the Web site – Google Apps for email, what for distribution lists, KLOW for Web design, etc.
  • Koha Upgrade – change background color, encourage play, open up the lab for Upgrade Work Day
  • Alice pre-loads her kids and teens’ ipods with ebooks and audiobooks
  • On KLOW, share hints for getting better hit results on Yahoo and Google
  • Investigate the WordPress App for iPhones,
  • Open the lab for ebooks and OverDrive – invite Deb from TSCPL or Earl and Alice, because we’re told she’s da bomb on OverDrive
  • In Koha – catalog OverDrive books or identify when there’s an overdrive copy available – make it seamless!

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