Adding a Flickr Slideshow

Maybe you saw the lovely slideshow at the Kansas Library Express site?  Heather and Carolyn figured out how to do that last night.

I wanted to see if that works on a site, so here’s my test with some garden pictures:

It works!

How I did it:

  1. Went to my Flickr account
  2. From my Photostream, I opened up certain pictures and clicked “Add to Set” and created a new Set called ‘Gardening’
  3. From my Photostream, I opened that Set by clicking on “Sets” and then selected “Gardening
  4. Now, up in the right corner in gray text is a link called “Slideshow” – click that!
  5. OK, so this opens the slideshow in your Web browser, but I want to share this in a post on my WordPress blog, so click “Share
  6. Now, you need to decide which method to use:
    1. For a or KLOW site, you will want to embed the HTML code into a Post using the HTML editor
    2. For a site, you can just paste the URL directly into the Visual Editor and the player will magically appear, just like with a YouTube video URL


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