Trustee-worthiness Quiz Answers

Here’s the Quiz from, with answers in Bold:

  1. Which U.S. Supreme Court Justice said, “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”?  Potter Stewart
  2. Name three items on a Trustee’s Job Description.  The first one is Advocate. Plan, Monitor, Set Policies and Hire and Evaluate the Director
  3. Of these three duties — Care, Loyalty and Obedience — which means a Trustee exercises their power in the best interest of the Library, discloses conflicts of interest, and maintains confidentiality? Loyalty
  4. True or False, Gina said “If you don’t know your Library’s mission, you don’t really have one.” True
    1. Extra credit, Topeka’s Mission Statement fits on a pencil, what is it?
      “Your Place. Stories you want, information you need, connections you seek.”
    2. For more about Mission Statements, listen to this great ‘George and Joan, Thinking Out Load’ podcast from Infoblog.
  5. True or False, an ethical Board does not have a Code of Ethics, reviews it, reviews decisions and behavior of its members, and takes appropriate action if a trustee behaves unethically. False, an ethical Board DOES have a Code of Ethics.
  6. How many items were on Gina’s Trustee Ethics Checklist? 19
  7. How many employees does the Board have? One, the Library Director
  8. Who should orient new Board Trustees, the Library Director or the Board Chair?  Board Chair
  9. Finish this statement, “You will not get in trouble by following your policy but you will a l w a y s get in trouble if you d o nt.”
  10. What are three of the six “Questions You Should Ask Yourself” to determine if you are Trustee-Worthy?  Hint, they’re covered on this Discussion Guide.
    1. Why should someone serve on a board?
    2. Why should someone not serve on a board?
    3. What if my personal/social/religious beliefs are in conflict with my library’s mission and policy?
    4. Do I know my library’s mission?
    5. Do I understand and support all of the library’s policies (not just the ones I agree with)?
    6. If a trustee behaves unethically, what action may or should the board take?

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