Spring Assembly

Spent today at the Holidome for the NEKLS Annual Business meeting with keynote from our new State Librarian, Jo Budler.  Also on the agenda – Royce talking up Frontline Advocacy and Diane Trinkle sharing her passion for YA library services.  She told a story about how teens wake up every morning wearing a name tag that proclaims, “THIS IS ME!” but for many, with each negative comment or criticism they hear during the day, a tiny part of that name tag is ripped off until at the end of the day, they have one sad little corner whispering, “this is me…”  I hope that struck others as much as it struck me.  Fringe kids gravitate to libraries, but are libraries open and accepting of them?

Also showed off the Gallery project and have been directed to investigate if there are any statewide initiatives to centrally store digital images, documents and other archived digital collections.  My guess is no, but it’s definitely worth asking.  Maybe the State Library or maybe the State Historical Society or maybe a new service underwritten by the Systems?  Money is tight, so maybe there’s grant funds available?  I’ll do some more homework.

Also need a way to resize photos in batches…I’ll ask the #kohakansas folks.


2 thoughts on “Spring Assembly

  1. Hi Sharon

    It won’t be the circulation wizard that’s broken, it’s just your database is working harder than it currently can. So yep it is something that only your support company can fix.

    1. Good to know – we also are going to request a backup at the end of the month on our TEST install – then we can run reports there and not bog down PROD…in theory, at least.

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