Kansas Snapshot Day

Peter Haxton and the other fine folks at the State Library of Kansas have put together Snapshot Day – capturing a day in the life of a library.  Today, libraries across the state will compile statistics, customer comments, photographs and other data chronicling a typical library day, including videos!  Many of the #23thingsks lessons are being used today.  I wonder if we are participating?  Should I try counting reference calls and door counts?  Probably wouldn’t help the cause much 😉

The goal of snapshot day is to answer these vital questions:

  • How many times the library helped someone work on a resume?
  • How many times the library helped someone apply for a job online?
  • How many students the library helped with an assignment or an online database?
  • How many story hours the library offered – to how many attendees?
  • How many people came through the library’s doors?

Mandy at the Corning City Library is participating – I hope others participate, too!

John, our friend from #kohakansas and the Independence Public Library, created this video for the program.  I like how they manage book clubs:

Here’s Atchison’s video:


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