KLA 2010 NEKLS Presentations

I am so proud of NEKLS and everything we contributed at the 2010 KLA Conference.  Here are some highlights and the Handouts to all (or many) of the programs are being posted.


  • Connecting with Fellow Librarians, Patrons and the World: A Hands-on, Best Practices Preconference on Social Media Tools, co-presented with Janelle Mercer from SWKLS
  • Googols of Uses: Collaborate and Communicate using Google Apps in your Library, co-presented with Liz and Diana Weaver.  I hope we have converted more to the Google Way – the State Library is switching.
  • 45 Tech Tips in 45 Minutes – co, presented with Liz and Janelle Mercer.  This was FULL to capacity and I think we will repeat, in part, at Tech Day.  Like the program Joe and I put together, it was all done with Google Docs (and chat).
  • Desktop Tower (and Windows) Optional: Alternative Hardware Solutions for Your Library – co-presented with NEKLS librarians Carla Kaiser and Sarah Walker-Hitt.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to Heather about this presentation – I hope it went well!  I’ll have to ask Sarah about it.


Jim and Carolyn

  • Kansas Library Express – I think we will soon be getting additional members.  Courier + Shared catalog = Happy Patrons


  • Everyday Ethics: The Ethics of Facebook – co-presented with Laura and Cindi Hickey.  The Virtual Session is archived on WebJunction.  A great kick-off for the System Consultant’s state-wide CE program on Ethics.  Jim said the face to face session was one of the best he went to at Conference.  Kudos to Brenda!  Oh, and Beckett and Fred got to come to conference, too.


  • Finances are Fun! Recipes for Success! – Laura got to wear a money apron.  Where’s the picture??  She mentioned today that they covered practical things, like how to figure a year end bonus.

I had one little program to prepare with Joe on ILS migration and Liz helped me host the KLA KEGger.  I’ll strive to do more next year!

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