KLA – This Week!

Kansas Library Association Conference takes on a whole new flavor now that I’m a consultant and not a library director.  What’s interesting to a Director isn’t so interesting (or pertinent) to a System consultant.  I’m co-presenting “Getting Ready for ILS Migration” with Joe Tholen from SEKLS and facilitating the KLA KEGger (Koha Explorers Group), but other than that I’m just a tourist.  This is the first year in many that I’m not involved in the Public Library Section breakfast, so I’m feeling that void. There’s a Broadband presentation with the State Library staff that I’ll attend and I want to hear what Bobbi Newman has to say about transliteracy.  I’d like to go to Mickey’s collection development talk but he said I’d just make him nervous, so I’ll go to Kathy Sexton’s preso on new buildings instead.  Brenda, Mickey, Heather, Liz, Laura, Jim, Carolyn and I are all presenting – sort of NEKLS-heavy, but I guess that says something about how much knowledge we have to impart (or how big our ego’s are)?  Anyway, I have my notebook ready, business cards and my itinerary…so I’m ready for Wichita-ta-ta.  Just need to do laundry…

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