Friday was spent recording and re-recording screencasts using neither Jing! nor, but  Then Saturday was spent in Manhattan getting ready for prom, watching K-State lose and my niece act in a school play.  That left Sunday to procrastinate until about 10 pm, when I finally started my 23 Things Kansas Week 12: Screencasting module.

So, Screencast-o-matic beats out both Jing! and Screentoaster on a number of fronts, namely:

  • Upload 10 minute videos to YouTube directly from the SOM site
  • Set up an account with just an email and password
  • Upload 15 minute videos to the SOM site
  • Share links, download the movies, or go the YouTube route for easy embedding in WP
  • Edit the Video!  This is really cool – if you make a mistake, you can go back and re-record over that bit, or you can add more to the end.  Until you click “done”, you can go back and make changes, additions and corrections.
  • Completely Web based
  • Uploads quickly – I think the files are a bit smaller than Jing!, too.

Ok, so I’m done repeating myself.  Time for a staff meeting.


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