Jing v. ScreenToaster

I’m preparing for my 23 Things Kansas module on screencasting.  I use Jing, but because many school librarians don’t have the ability to download the necessary software to run Jing, I am looking at ScreenToaster as an alternative.  It’s completely Web-based.  Thoughts so far:

Using embed code:
And now see if WP recognized the URL:

Well, a double FAIL.  Guess it’s worth the extra time to deal with YouTube (it’s currently being processed):

OK, I’m also trying Screencast-o-Matic, another Web-based screencaster that is fairly easy to use – Java-based (version 1.5 or greater) – and free, but with a lot of ads.  Like Jing, if you sign up for an account you can upload and save your videos to the SOM site, or upload them to YouTube or save them.  It works fairly well on a Mac.  Time limits – 15 minutes for a video hosted on the SOM site and 10 minutes for videos posted to YouTube.  Hmm. That’s a selling point right there.

A Sample Video

Testing an embed code: – WP-related Fail, So let’s try Youtube – I had to remember my username/login to enable automatic uploading from the SOM site to YouTube, but prior to uploading I was able to add a title, description and tags.


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