Things I like about Koha 3.2

A random list of cool stuff, bugs and other thoughts from Friday’s lab session with Mickey and Liz.  We were in testing mode.

  • [+] next to a patron search that lets you limit by library location and/or patron category
  • Getting the circ and fine rules set up appropriately is time consuming but incredibly important if you want to place holds!
  • A few minor issues with placing multiple holds at once via the cart – if a bib has no items, FAIL…and if a bib has rules that disallow a hold, FAIL or if a bib has items with incorrectly-configured circ and fine rules, FAIL – bugs.  all fixable.
  • Lost items aren’t stored in the items table.  odd – where are they stored then?
  • Batch modification – all of the drop down menus need to default to nothing, so you don’t accidentally overlay a new homelocation or currentlocation when all you want to do is update the item type or collection code!
  • Holds waiting – item type in parens, so when you go to the holds shelf you know if you’re looking for movies or books! – good deal
  • Audio cues thanks to HTML5 – Owen just announced that and shared the git repo link on Twitter
  • Cancel hold in transit bug is still there…but I hear Galen is actively working on this.
  • Staff Client now has XSLT, which means that subfields in the 245 show up (or will when the bug is fixed) in the search results and details page.  No more guessing which Naruto or Go Diego Go book you want!

Update October 2010: ByWater has a list of some of their favorite features and Chris’s post about ‘Changelog for 3.2


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