Photos, Phlickr and Photobucket – Week 4

It took some tweaking to get Patti and Royce’s slideshow to work, but the information is great for Week 4 of 23 Things Kansas. I spent this morning visiting about 20 or so school librarian sites and 20 or so public librarian sites.  I learned about TLNing for teacher librarians and answered a few questions and left a few comments.

As far as online photos go, I have a few here and a few there: Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and Photobucket.   I suppose I should consolidate, but I can’t be bothered.  Now that I have a digital camera/iPhone, I take more pictures than I used to, including snap shots of food and fun animal antics, but most of those end up on Facebook as a status update 😉

<—- I used a Flickr widget built into the ‘widget depot’ to add that Flickr badge.


One thought on “Photos, Phlickr and Photobucket – Week 4

  1. well, I am just checking out other blogs for 23 Things Kansas. Always looking for some ideas, and found one on your blog. A flickr widget. thanks ! Your blog is great!

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