Twenty Five Technologies Podcast – Week 3

Howdy, I got half-way through my homework for this week and got side-tracked.  I started listening to a podcast from the SirsiDynixInstitute by Steve Abrams on Twenty Five Technologies to Watch and How.  I tried to watch the original Webcast, but as a Macbook user, that was a FAIL.  I don’t have have Window’s Media Whatever, so I listened instead.  Some really good ideas and stuff that we’ve either already implemented or discussed here at NEKLS.

My notes:

  • Need to read up more on the Android and Google standards
  • Tagging is the future – if we could only get people to use this awesome Koha OPAC feature now!
  • Software as Service and server farms can lead to 40% cost reductions, which is why we moved KLOW to one a few weeks ago!
  • Events and microblogging go together and PB and J – We’ve found CoveritLive works great for this purpose.
  • Public Social Networking – How do we represent the library to the public?  Abram argues that libraries have an advantage – “people perceive us as personal experts.”
  • Private Social Networking – He mentioned Ning as a space for sharing ideas.
  • Social Networking Integration – How do we get the library OPAC into the Facebook and MySpace space?  It should all be connected and integrated and the library  needs to be represented!
  • eBooks and readers – you can’t loan a Kindle.  FAIL.  What about the iPad? I hear it uses ePub and I think that is one of the formats supported by the State’s Audiobooks, Music and More (Overdrive) program.
  • Personal home pages – as with public social networks, libraries need to be accessible from folk’s private home pages – look at mine, see that NExpress link?  See that Audiobooks, Music and More link?  I use this site as my gateway to the world and the library is part of it.  RSS feeds work great here…
  • Cloud software (Google docs and zoho) – Been here, do this.
  • RSS Groups and Readers – Our Koha catalog has RSS feeds and we can use a reader to pull together and then push out (share) search results from the OPAC – why don’t we?  We can then stream the feed onto a Web site – “Best sellers,” “Gardening books,” “Award winners” – the possibilities are endless.
  • iTunes, Limewire, spiral frog (defunct now) – How do these online services impact library video and music collections?  Again with the AM&M – you can download music and movies, so we’re kind of dipping our toe into the waters here.   Abram believes that device incompatibility is a near-term problem and that eventually this will be overcome.
  • Podcasts – TED keeps coming up in conversation – podcasts are another untapped resource libraries should know about and share, share, share.  He talked about a library  who used refrigerator boxes and egg crate to create podcast studios for kids/teens.  How cool??
  • More to come, when I finish listening to the program.

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