Silver linings, or why our Network Admin rocks

My Kansas Library on the Web is upgrading to 2.9 and cloud hosting a wee bit ahead of schedule. Amazing how an attack can push ahead a plan.  A few silver linings to go along with the long hours and sore eyeballs – our wonderfully capable Network Administrator, Liz, is learning all about Amazon EC2 and advanced scripting.  I tell her she’s fighting off Alzheimer’s with all of this new knowledge and brain exercise.

Our grand plan was to slowly migrate to the cloud and then upgrade to sites to 2.9 and then roll out training and do it all with no downtime.  Well, that was blown to hell a few days ago and now we’re taking advantage of a bad situation to fix, repair, upgrade and move the server to a safer (and cheaper) environment – all in about 4 days.  Not that I’ve done much more than provide moral support and some PR/marketing help.

The attack happened sometime in the early hours of Tuesday, December 29.  She may wish to correct this, but I believe Tuesday was spent configuring the new server space, yesterday was spent on scripting and today she’s slowly bringing sites back ‘on line’ while making steady improvements to her scripts.  The goal is to get the process automated enough that a site can be relaunched in about 2 minutes.  We love efficiency.  She’s starting with the A’s and moving down the alphabet, by town name.  Speaking of efficiency, she’s very proud of a script she wrote that farms email addresses from each site to auto-populate a new KLOW mailing list.

We have done some damage control and are posting updates on the state list and project site, but we have a long haul ahead of us.  Thankfully the WordPress codex is updated with instructional materials for 2.9.  I think we will have to rely heavily on the Community for training materials, as we really don’t have time in the next few days to create anything new!

I’m just excited that our libraries will have all of the cool new features of WordPress 2.9 (or you can watch the video)

I guess all of this turmoil hasn’t scared anyone off – we just got a request for a new site!


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