Jing and Picnik

This was in my inbox today:

Does Jing make your heart sing? Do you depend upon the cloud? Think
wikis are wild? … and RSS is really super sweet? Or, does it seem
like this message is written in a foreign language? Whether you are an
online tools techno-pro or techno-newbie, 23 Things Kansas just might
be the learning opportunity you’re looking for.

23 Things Kansas is a fun way to learn about and practice with online
tools for community, sharing and productivity. It is open to and free
for anyone in the Kansas library community (library staff, trustees,
etc). The program will officially launch January 11, 2010, but you can
register now: http://www.23thingskansas.org/participants/participant-registration-form/.

Learn more about the program by visiting the 23 Things Kansas website:

Does Jing make my heart sing?  Why Yes, it does!

I spent most of yesterday writing instructional posts for the NExpress blog and I could not have done it without Jing! and a new site that Heather shared – picnik.com.  The only thing Jing! doesn’t do is allow me to black out patron names on the screenshots I take – I tried using the black highlighter, but you can still read the names.  When I lamented, Liz shared her secret of creating a text box with a space character to ‘white out’ the patron names.  I used this, I liked it.  It works great if you remember to do that before you save the edited image.

This is where picnik.com came to the rescue – I uploaded a Jing image into picnik, clicked on the Create Tab, then the Stickers tab, found a black geometric shape (aka rectangle) and blacked out the patron names that the Jing highlighter didn’t completely hide.  It was brilliant!  Picnick also works similar to PhotoShop in that you edit in layers and can ‘combine everything’ and then save the new image.  This is your typical ‘freemium’ service where you have a few basic choices and then a slew of Premium options if you are willing to pay a small monthly fee.


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