23 Things Kansas – zombie invasions, optional

Had a great webinar with the planning committee of the 23 Things Kansas project on tap for next year. I volunteered to share my love of JING!  I don’t have to present until the end of March, but I definitely want to promote this to my libraries (including big ones like Olathe and Lawrence Public).

The Very First 23 Things project was designed to expose folks to all things 2.0 – social networking, blogging, Web-based software, and such.  We have included a mix of software, social networking and hardware (Flip Cameras, for example).  I’m excited.  I’m most excited to be sharing WordPress with so many people!


Heather locked herself in the NEKLS Lab this morning to create our Project Web site (KLOW, of course):
(granted, there’s nothing there yet…we just got access today)

The Content (What the presenters have to present):

  • Broad description as the introduction
  • How does the tool fit into our broad categories (sharing, productivity, community)?
  • List of resources, which includes comparisons and contrasts of different tools and WebJunction tie-ins
  • Full set of instructions for using one of the tools
  • An action activity where they use the tool (which they should write about on their blog, which they created in lesson 1)
  • Optional: Module can include videos, handouts, and other content that seems appropriate

The Agenda:

January 11-15
Lesson: Blogging
Primary Author: Erin Downey Howerton

January 18-22
Lesson: Online Communities (Facebook etc)
Primary Author: Janelle Mercer

January 25-29
Lesson: Online Meetings (OPAL, Wimba, etc)
Primary Author: Brenda Hough

February 1-5
Lesson: PhotoSharing (flickr etc)
Primary Author: Royce Kitts
Secondary Author: Patti Butcher

February 8-12
Lesson: RSS and feed readers
Primary Author: Chris Rippel
Secondary Author: Rebecca Brown

February 15-19
Lesson: Tagging and Social Bookmarking
Primary Author: Rebecca Brown
Secondary: Amanda McConnell

February 22-26
Lesson: Microblogging (Twitter, etc)
Primary Author: Heather Braum

March 1-5
Lesson: Cloud Computing
Primary Author: Diana Weaver
Secondary: Erin Downey Howerton

March 8-12
Lesson: Instant Messaging and text chat
Primary Author: LaDonna Clark

March 15-19
Lesson: Video Sharing
Primary Author: David Lee King

March 22-26 Break

March 29-April 2
Lesson: Screencasting (Jing, etc)
Primary Author: Sharon Moreland

April 5-9
Lesson: Presentation Sharing
Primary Author: Cindi Hickey

April 12-16
Lesson: LibraryThing etc
Primary Author: Amanda McConnell
Secondary: Erin Downey Howerton

April 19-23Lesson: Wikis
Primary Author: Eric Gustafson

April 26-30 Wrap-up webinars


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