What’s the Wimba

Facilitating a discussion (finger’s crossed) tomorrow using the State Library’s Wimba room.  I have my slides ready and just need to fill in some talking points to keep me on target.  I am hoping for a lot of interactivity and participation, as evidenced by the nearly blank slides I’ve strategically placed in the presentation for folks to write on!  Writing in Wimba works great, but if you try to delete what you’ve written, you clear the entire slide…and everything that anyone else has written.  We’ll give a lot of warnings, I guess.

I’m happy to share what little expertise I have on the topic of “Involving Staff in Policy Development” but  I do feel a bit awkward about this since I’m not a library director at the moment.  Staff involvement when I was at Tonganoxie meant making everyone read the Board Agenda packet and sitting around the office having informal discussions about this, that and the other…especially after something strange would happen.  Because, you know, new policies are most often written AFTER they’re needed.  Although, when I had a woman challenge a book, the policy manual just happened to have step by step procedures with the Reconsideration Policy telling me exactly what to do.  Very helpful and she dropped the challenge before it ever went to the Board.

Shannon’s Memo with all the pertinent information:

TO: Kansas librarians and trustees
FROM: Shannon Roy, State Library of Kansas
RE: Wimba session on October 20, from 10:00 to 11:00

On Tuesday, October 20 from 10:00 to 11:00. Sharon Moreland will be presenting “What’s the Policy? Involving Staff in Policy Development.” Sharon was the library director at Tonganoxie and is presently the Technology Consultant at the Northeast Kansas Library System.

This Wimba session is part of the Learning 2 Action Training Package on Library Policies but the Wimba sessions are open to all, without preregistration. This session will also meet Core Skill Four in the Kansas Library Trustee Certification Program, if any trustees would like to catch the session in real time or archive.

The instructions for participating in the Wimba program are on the Library Policies website at:


Just scroll down the Overview until you reach “Webinar Instructions.” The Wimba session will be archived for those who cannot participate in real time.


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