Living in the Cloud

Yesterday, Liz and I presented “Living in the Cloud: How Using Online Services Can Let You Soar” at Lawrence Public Library’s staff day.  Heather, Liz and I presented on this topic at KLA Conference in the spring and again at our NEKLS Tech Day, so it wasn’t a terribly stressful presentation – given Liz filled in for a sick Heather at the last minute.  I learned about a few new sites I want to explore, including iGoogle for a ‘home page’ of sorts and Digsby (except it’s not for Mac yet).  Otherwise, I learned that we need to do a broader promotion of NEKLS Tech Day – LPL’s web designer didn’t know about it!  We are brainstorming for topics and speakers for the 2010 Tech Day – Brenda will be going to Internet Librarian later this month and may come back with some more leads.

In other news – I finally got an iPhone and am now addicted to taking photos (see pictures from Raku Night 2009 via the Flickr feed), checking my Facebook/email/twitter/weather and texting in complete sentences.  Liz and I have the same cover, but I think I want to take a sharpy to mine and personalize it.  Needless to say, having a computer in my pocket with 24/7 access to the Internet is a very good thing.  Oh, and I can now take phone calls INSIDE of my house instead of needing to run out to the porch to answer a call.

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