Ottawa Library and KLOW

Just to illustrate the Awesome Power of WordPress, a story from today’s Web site Work Day…

Lisa came from Ottawa to the NEKLS office this morning with a mission…to update the library Web page.  While Liz futzed with log ins, I used the site to demonstrate the simple Write and Manage features of the blog.  We also used the list of KLOW sites at to preview different themes, finally deciding on Basehor Library’s Atahualpa theme (also used by Baldwin City and Paola – a very versatile theme.)  Then, after Lisa was able to get into the Dashboard, we fixed a few more bugs and finally activated the new theme.

Fun commenced.  Lisa learned how to nest pages under pages using the parent/child features of WordPress and we went through some of the bazillion Theme Options for Atahualpa and tweaked the site to her specifications.  We changed out the default logo with the new customized Ottawa Library book logo and added an Hours text box and Event Calendar and borrowed some great HomeworkKansas clip art from another Kansas library web site (LOVE ‘copy image location’ option of Firefox).  Lisa still wants to organize and clean up the site’s content and then teach patron computer classes on using the site!

Liz and I helped Duane from the Atchison Public Library not so long ago when they, too, dumped the old Anaconda theme for something new and shiny.

So, in 3 hours, the Ottawa Public Library Web site went from this:

to this:



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