PLS Fall Retreat – Still on

We met today to decide the fate of the 2009 PLS Fall Retreat and the verdict is in…”We Can Do It!” is a GO!
As past-Chair of the Public Library Section of the Kansas Library Association, this makes me very happy.  I would have taken it as a personal failure if the retreat were canceled!

It may be small and intimate, but we have enough bodies staying overnight at the Spiritual Life Center that the $850 Main Assembly rental fee will be waived.  Toni Boyles is the keynote on Friday, discussing personnel/HR challenges in tough times – how to deal with stressed out employees, lay offs, stressed out patrons, and such.  I know a lot of libraries have completely lost their travel budgets, but many Library Systems have CE grants to help off-set the costs for individuals who want to attend.  I mean, who would want to miss the chance to sit in a room surrounded by paintings of patron saints for two days??  It’s good for the soul!

We did decide to go old-school with conference registration in hopes of drumming up some additional retreaters, so the next email will have a paper registration form attached for folks to print out, fill out, and mail back to the KLA offices.  We’ll see if it works.


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