Tech Day 2009

UPDATE: Internet was maxed out today, so I gave up and just listened and took paper notes, which I’ll put into a coherent type blog post tomorrow or this weekend.  I have a lot of links to post at the Tech Blog, too.  So much INFO.


Having issues with Twitter, but hopefully someone in this room has access and will share their mini-notes.

Amy Begg De Groff – Open Source in Libraries

“Knowledge is freedom; freedom in knowledge.”

“I write code, so you don’t have to” – quote at Danny’s (Developer) desk

LibX toolbar – Amy mentioned.

Amy is starting with the many definitions of Open and Freedom.

What are your computers for?  Did they sneak in as catalog computers and have become vital.

“Find your answers the old fashioned way…you Google them.”

Freedom – ‘grant freedom to’ – ‘free from confinement’

Don’t tell me what software to use – does the drive through not serve me because I’m driving a volvo?

Dynamic software development, example = Koha – put the idea out there and everyone is free to take up the task.

Free – relinquishing.


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