Posts to ponder

Just consider this a post of posts.  I need to write a new post for my part of the TechSoup Blog.  Ideas?  Maybe my mini-adventure on Sunday using Koha at Bonner’s new library to help, with Heather and Diana, rip through the library’s back log of returns.  I’ll wax poetic about how amazingly awesome Kim’s library is in a separate post (because it is). I do need to remember to ask Liz if she’ll add a “current location” column to the Check In table to reinforce, visually, when an item needs to go somewhere OTHER than back on the shelf.  A nice list of BONNER, BONNER, BONNER, WINCHESTER, BONNER may trigger an “oops, I need to put that item in a bin, not on our shelf” moment.

I continued with the ever-popular Weeding theme in an article for the July NEKLS News and Notes, along with a blurb about the upcoming Tech Day.  I have to get off my rear end and finalize everything for August 6.  Come hear Amy Begg De Groff.  I promise I’ll pick presenters, assign rooms, create an agenda, etc., etc. before Tech Day gets here.  For now, have faith that this will be a great Tech Day and REGISTER.  We lowered the outta-NEKLS fee from $40 to $35 to encourage visitors from the other systems and/or neighboring states.

There are also some good ideas and stuff shared at the NEKLS Tech Blog.  Twitter alerted me to danah boyd’s latest post that has generated much discussion.  Rather than re-tweet, I wrote a post.  Helps keep things fresh and exciting for those 6-7 people subscribed to our blogs!

Happy reading.


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