Lately I’ve taken on the role of ‘lead weeder’ for NEKLS, which is funny considering I didn’t really do that much weeding in Tonganoxie after the first ‘ninja weeding session’ of 2004. We took 5,000 items out of the collection before migrating from Spectrum to Sirsi. I didn’t know what I was doing, so Patti and Laura from NEKLS came to help. Well, now I’m the ninja weeder.

I spent time last month in Lyndon and Seneca and today I helped at Sabetha. Maybe it’s the artist in me, but I take great pleasure in removing ugly books from library shelves! Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking at publication date, too. The CREW manual was updated in 2008, so I have a copy of it I lug around with me. I enjoy spending time with the collections – even though they aren’t ‘mine’ anymore. It really is like weeding a garden – get rid of the old, ugly, and untrue to leave the pretty, perfect books for the patrons to discover. It doesn’t hurt that weeding is a very low-tech task that gets me away from the laptop!


5 thoughts on “Weeding

  1. Yay – a kindred soul! I am a Ninja Weeder too.

    Most memorable week: I threw away 1/3rd of our fiction collection in a 2 week period, had the collection buyer in tears … and issues went up in the months following!

    Our borrowers regularly comment on how fresh and ‘new’ our collection always looks.

    Cheers Jo

  2. There really is an Art to weeding. It’s not all slogging boredom (although that is a component of it, inescapably). Weeding new and attractive books that were poor purchasing decisions is the toughest thing for me.

    Literary fiction, SF, and automotive are areas that are personally challenging for me to weed. I’m inclined to want to keep every single greasy Chilton’s manual in the collection, “classic” SF from Asimov to Heinlein, and of course literary fiction that no one will ever read.

  3. Oh I weeded SO much last semester, and still we can’t fit all our books on the shelves. And that aint because we have too small a space. Will get onto the task again in a month or so. I love weeding 🙂

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