plurk 1

Have you heard of plurk?  It’s a cross between twitter and facebook, popular with educators.  Heather brought it to my attention a few months ago…obviously I haven’t done much with it (I only have two friends).  My best friend is a teacher and her husband is a superintendent, so maybe I’ll start using it more to keep up with them.  The Plurk Karma is interesting – if you spam or people quit following you, it decreases your karma…while adding friends and “quality plurking” will increase it.

I’m startled sometimes by how often I mention, in a work situation, “well, I saw on Facebook (or Twitter) a link to such and such” or “I read on her Facebook that Librarian did this really cool thing.”  For something that started as a lark to find old friends and see pictures of my family and friends, these sites have turned out to be valuable tools at work.  I doubt that the business world would benefit from social networking as much as the rather informal library world does, but I don’t really have a way to test that.

plurk 2


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