KEGger in Great Bend

We woke up WAY early this morning and drove across the great state of Kansas to the grand city of Great Bend for today’s Koha Explorers Group meeting, the Kansas Koha users group (seriously, we just wanted to call our meetings keggers).

Agenda:  Status updates :: KohaCon 2009 reports :: Cooperative enhancement plans :: Lunch and a Free For All!

Uh oh, one of the items is “SQL training ideas?” – I think I was suppose to do something with that after the last KEGger.  Hmm.  Who to bring in?

Great Bend has been on Koha since Aug. 7 – they call it Pathfinder Central.  Six folks here from SEKLS – Iola.  Librarian from Downs.  Four of us from NEKLS – Lawrence.  Circ librarian from Derby Public. Salina public Schools – fact finding mission.

#509kegger – Twitter hash that Liz and Joe are using to tweet the meeting.


  • SEKLS and NEKLS are both working on a Bib merge enhancement to help remove duplicates from the catalog.
  • When adding new bibs, the SEKLS enhancement will include a way to review and stop dups.
  • Dan Sweeney is aware of both, but neither system has a quote, yet.
  • NEKLS shared an email exchange between NEKLS and LibLime regarding our Bibliographic Maintenance Package and the draft specifications.  We also shared our Visions and Values Statement.
  • Derby reports that everything is going OK.  It takes time to hear back with support requests.
  • CKLS – 12 of 31 libraries up and running.  Rotating collections – how will it work?  SEKLS has a cycle and could use the transfer features.  CKLS uses the transfer function to move collections from library to library using a generic CKLS patron card – this need for managing rotating collections is unique to some of the Kansas systems (but not ours).
  • RE: Scanners – there’s a company in NY that sells $180 scanners (with shipping)…but Steve at CKLS found some for $80!
  • SEKLS – working on a similar visions statement, with a section on responsibilities of member libraries.  Going up for review at the System’s June meeting.


  • Joe shared his impressions of the opening session of KohaCon, where he left with a better understanding that we don’t have a vendor, but instead are part of a very cooperative project.  We are our own vendor now.   Koha as a gift with strings attached – there’s give and take between libraries, developers, vendors, and patrons.
  • How do we add to the community?  Software, ideas, training materials, money, report statements
  • The more librarians look at Koha, the better it will get.
  • We look at the details, and leave the back end to the programmers.  The discussions between the users and the developers were very interesting and entertaining.
  • Co-opitition – our favorite KohaCon term.
  • breakout session – quasi-competition to OCLC as a source for MARC records.  An ‘add on’ that we are interested in.  The MarcEdit  – Joe uses it in SEKLS to do data migration and prepare the records.  Can you export records out of Koha, massage them, and then put them back in?  Not that he’s found.  Does it have a de-duping use?
  • Koha as an international phenomenon (and maybe as folks from Kansas, that’s more impressive).
  • KUDOS users group discussion and how we can communicate on enhancements – the use of Bugzilla as a repository of ideas for enhancements.
  • WE need to infuse the discussion with practical, library perspective to bugs and enhancement discussions.
  • Liz demonstrated: IRC (Google search irc koha), Bugzilla, Git and explained Release Manager/Release Maintainer, etc.
  • 3.2 discussions – New, major release (more info on the Interwebs)
  • Notes from the last Koha IRC meeting courtesy of the LibLime blog


  • Met in Iola in February to discuss cooperative enhancements.   Ex: Reports, Fast Add,
  • March meeting in Emporia, decided as a group to do Reports.  Need to get together to hammer out specifications.   Will the ‘Edit Saved Report’ feature be in next LibLime patch batch?  We shared this outcome of the Dev weekend with the group.
  • Discussed in-process enhancements and asked for a copy of SEKLS’s 1st draft of their bib maint. spec.
  • Discussed grouping ‘fast-track’ tweaks – Systems get together to talk $$?  One client on the record, but cooperate or conference call – make sure the patch is put on multiple systems for testing.
  • Do we want to pull apart the 2 bib maint specs or go back to Reports?
  • 245 $n $p and $b NOT showing up in the Staff Client still an issue – throw $$ at it?  Shows in OPAC b/c of XSLT – why not the same behavior in the Staff Client?
  • SQL Training discussion – report statements on the wiki and Jing videos on – dropped as a KEGger initiative.
  • Reports package – get together to hash out specs – when?  Meeting via Wimba June 10 at 1 pm.
  • Do a combined spec or let SEKLS do their own, first?  Quicker if we collaborate?  Merge first?  Conference call with Dan Sweeney – what timeline can he give us for the bib merge feature?  CKLS will review both proposals and possibly join in.
  • CKLS – titles for staff suppressed in the OPAC – needs a special status (not something we utilize), to keep new items being added to the shadowed record (special location/942 $n)

Leaving now, gotta long drive home.


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