Testing Updates in Koha

The majority of today was spent reviewing and testing the 60 or so updates that LibLime recently applied to our TEST server.  Liz had already spent 6 hours synching our templates, so we could do the additional 6 hours of testing today with Diana and Mickey.  Needless to say, I’m beat.

Of those 60, we pulled out the ‘newsworthy’ updates to share with our member libraries via NExpresslibrary.org/March 18 Koha Updates.  (I’m addicted to screenshots, so there are plenty of illustrations to explain the changes.)  We like to advertise the changes in TEST so we can get feedback from the member libraries BEFORE we make any changes to Production.  Granted, the only other time we’ve had a significant update was in January, but we created a warning post.

In combing through all of these bugs and patches (using bugzilla and git.koha.org for reference), we found some new bugs and gleefully contributed those to bugzilla, though I’m not sure what happens next – will Galen reopen them?  We’ll see.  Examples: Bug 2992, which is sort of related to another 3013.  There is also more Alphabetizing that needs to be done..everywhere, as noted in bugs 2553 and 2664. and seen on the Advanced Search page when the Collection Codes are selected, rather than the Item Types.

OK, time to go enjoy Spring.


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