Sponsorship Discussion

Unrecorded sponsorship discussion

  • Wiki and Koha Users list
  • Even the small projects should be posted somewhere so we can see all the projects – share among ourselves before we tell the vendor.
  • Use IRC to get status reports on where a development is in the process
  • Libraries, as sponsors, should add their sponsorships to a joint list, along with wishes and dreams and hopes – independent of vendors and developers (one line descriptions – RFC? wiki? koha.org?)
  • Ability to contact, collaborate – just need more communication and openness (different need)
  • From librarians for librarians (then link to the the developers wiki for the programmers)
  • Prior to sponsorship, get a more robust and thought-out feature and gauge need/demand (ranking feature) –
    • bugzilla enhancements (bugs.koha.org)
    • Encourage use of bugzilla
    • 234 enhancements in bugzilla at this time (clean them out and add new)
    • French ticket system – some copy/paste between the 2
    • Existing tool, allows CC, searchable > Give sample instructions ‘best practices’
  • Users group participation, be careful of not recreating the traditional ILS voting mechanism/model
  • How do we handle a situation where a library wants to get an enhancement from one vendor when they already have a contract with a 2nd vendor due to time constraints?  Galen’s not sure how it would be handled and would have to be looked at ‘case by case’ and eventually vendors may have unique areas of expertise.

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