KohaCon09 Day 2

Poor Chris is voice-less.  Be kind to him and use sign language.

Under the Hood with MySQL with Joe Atzberger

  • Keeping kohasructure.sql in synch with mysql/updatedatabase.pl defines your Koha version (version number)
  • We need read only access (command line) to our database – so we can see ALL 125 tables and how they relate!
  • Tools – phpMyAdmin, MySQL Admin or Query Browser (free), or OSS
  • Design principles: limit dup values, put related data together, proper data typing, keys and indexes
  • Bib Data Problems – MARC not a relational design, has limits on record dimensions and performance implications
      • Legacy code and data – UNIMARC v. MARC21 issues
      • FRBR, holdings, bindings, serials (bound periodicals) – when / where will FRBR be implemented?
  • Core Tables: SysPref (key) :: Branches (most referenced by other tables & hard to delete) :: Borrowers (staff & patrons) :: Biblio (title level) > Biblioitems (marc & marcxml going away soon / historical & query speed – in future avoid “*” queries) :: Items (barcodes)
  • Parallel tables: deletedxxx or old_xxx: old_issues, old_reservese etc.  Inactive transactions are copied off to the old_issues table (b/c high volume)  Joe says we need more for high volumne transactions – same structure, but different constraints.  Need an “old_fines” – Ryan working on the fines issue – pending as active, historical as “old” –
    • Look at deleted borrowers table for ‘missing’ patrons
  • Black Magicks – marc_subfield_structure and marc_tag_structure – allows for MARC21 & UNIMARC (on the fly)
  • Paul covered Structure, Nicole handled queries – what’s left?  Pretty DB Scheme Picture

Looking at the Circ Wizard generated SQL statements and there are multiple!  I have no idea if this can be transferred to the SQL report builder.


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