Having spent time with the ‘godfathers’ of Koha – Paul and Chris – I feel this strong desire to protect and preserve and promote the community they helped build over the last 10 years.  I’m excited that adds to the community in a way and think we should probably be posting our materials to, as well.  Like I tweeted, I feel this urge to learn PERL and be the 82nd person to Commit (not likely to happen, but the cult-like feel here is getting to me).  Our libraries and librarians are in a position to not just ‘tweak’ the system to make it better, but to really come up with new and innovative solutions to everyday ILS challenges…say managing pre-pub holds or quickly cataloging weekly magazines?  Just ideas.

Tomorrow we get to hear about 3.2 and other future developments in Koha – that’s exciting and I will definitely go to those sessions.  Hearing David talk about Texas tonight was scary – glad I live in Kansas.  Also, talking with Paul and Nahuel makes me *really* want to travel back to Europe.  Time to get off my duff and turn in the passport application so I can get to Ireland.


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