KohaCon09 Day 1 Afternoon

MySQL Reports in Koha with Nicole Engard

http://tinyurl.com/kohadbstructure and http://dev.mysql.com/doc/

Her Presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/nengard/sql-reports-in-koha – with some statements I will be exploring.

I’ll be reviewing her presentation at a later time when I can play and learn and concentrate better.

Empowering Your Organization – Lori Bowen Ayre

I mentioned our last Users Group meeting and the Vision and Values Statements (pdf)

OSLS – Open Source Library System – blurred line between participant and observer
Interesting to have people who are still considering whether or not to join Koha.
III is the only ILS vendor to not ‘gobble up’ other vendors.
“Imagine if people working in libraries actually felt their ideas about how to do things made a difference?”
Eliminating waste (muda) – the Toyota lean model. Optimizing user experience – Google v. Apple v. nasty library product
Reclaim POWER with OSLS – Danger of giving away our power to LibLime or Equinox – we have to have more options and they are not the boss of us – NO MORE Learned Helplessness

  • embrace the chaos and organize a chorus – don’t leave it to the ‘experts’ b/c WE are the experts (the librarians)
  • Listen to your community
  • Lead your community
  • Let your community play and experiment
  • Need contributors: code, interest groups, development $$, needs assessments, beta test, documentation, write specs, hire a programmer, usability testing, troubleshoot code, etc.
  • Effective contributors need to empower users (nexpresslibrary.org yes?)
  • Users: notice inefficiencies, know what happens upstream, knows what happens downstream and imagine new ways of doing things (chocolate + peanut butter = synergy)
  • Libraries can be active in the community and then collaboratively develop programs  – democratic, equitable, participatory and sustainable “The Library-Community Convergence Framework for Community Action: Libraries as Catalysts of Social Change” by Bharat Mehra, University of Tennessee and Ramesh Srinivasan, UCLA

MarcEdit – David Shuster, Plano ISD w/ slides from Amy (slides on wiki) – Freeware

  • David uses MarcEdit to fix vendor data before migrating it into Koha
  • Batch add, delete, modify, edit indicators, convert MARC to MARCXML, and URL validation (and more)
  • Terry (there’s a special ‘undo’ b/c you can accidentally delete all of your subject headings)
  • Can extract records, process them and re-load.  Match point setup for 999|c in Koha staging
  • Joe at SEKLS uses this – we’ll have to visit with him!
  • Global changes. I could see our libraries using this to add 500 notes.  Add a ‘Taped Editions’ 710 for leased audios??
  • Hmmm, so does LibLime just use MarcEdit to map and migrate???
  • I LOVE Find and Replace
  • Connect to Koha – use Z39.50 to grab certain records based on search and pull them into MarcEdit (see slide for exacts)
  • File and compile – Diana is taking better notes than I am (I’m zoning a bit – I can only imagine how the European and New Zealanders are doing)

Kudos to Paul for giving not one, but two presentations in English (he’s French)…and to everyone who twittered and blogged.


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