Conference this year reminded me of the Unconference, especially with the flurry of tweet-notes, blogs, IM chats and flip videos posted to Facebook.  Facebook, especially, has impacted Conference, for example when Christie pulled me aside and said, “I feel like I just saw you yesterday … on Facebook, so how’s your cold?”  At another time, I had Jean from Wichita tell me I should move – all of the trailer park drama I’ve shared through twitter and Facebook was concerning her!  I enjoyed staying in touch with Liz back in the office and hearing about sessions via Twitter from Heather that I wasn’t able to attend (Joshua’s on Infeasible and Unfundable ideas).

Life and work do tend to blur and all of this online living makes is more evident, but I don’t mind.  I have more connections now and I think that’s a good thing.


One thought on “Post-Conference

  1. Twitter made a huge impact on my presentation. Not only did Heather tweet excellent notes, she was able to be a proxy for other people contributing to the discussion through Twitter. I loved it!

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