Breakout Sessions

Ok, so I realized that my initial blog was going to the klapls blog instead of this blog.  Oops.  So, I’m going to pay more attention now.  Library Camp Kansas 2009 < The ‘official site’

Open Source – Kathryn Greenhill – Doing her thesis on open source pros/cons of open source

  • Out of the box stand alone Koha v. LibLime supported
  • Open source – NOT free and easy, it’s constantly changing and a greater depth of knowledge needed “roll on the waves” – change in the mind set regarding and the evolution of the product
  • user base makes all the difference
  • NExpress – even with additional staffing the project/ILS costs less
  • Adjustment of attitudes – Be flexible, find your own answers, be proactive
  • Linux laptop – mess with the code, new free upgrades, gets easier
  • maturity issue – we are actively adding to the community
  • Open Source Business Model – much more demanding, troubleshooting, administering, etc.
  • Philosophy compatible with the library philosophy – values!  Libraries as a special step-child
  • Patron impact?  “Love it” Easy to use interface, holds
  • Other Open source solutions: KLOW, OpenBiblio, KanGuard (Red Hat) – control blacklist, free ; OpenOffice (Free, easier to use than 2007 and incompatibilities), LiveCDs, etc.
  • Open Source programmers work for community and prestige (ties into library values) says Kathryn’s research.  Programmer passion.  Technology changes from the top down (Heather gives our Prez kudos…shocking).
  • Paradigm change with the old school tech folks with MS certification.  Where does the data reside?  Not ‘secure’ – misnomer b/c they can look for exploits (not true) Phase 3 – everything in the cloud and nothing on your machine.
  • Warnings to a director ‘mad on open source’ – find yourself a good nerd – ‘fiddling and tweaking’ – put it together yourself (out of the box generation) – Part of a community now, have to contribute
  • Which is more compelling – out of the box or open source?  Yes to both – ‘in charge’ and ‘more in control’ compelling and dissatisfaction with out of the box – browser wars, firefox as an example of opensource

Insert Lunch at Hibatchi Hut and a lovely walk to Aggieville

Dead-End Technologies – cooridanted by Eric G.

  • CDs and DVDs – going the way of digital downloads?  Money into digital download service?  Change policies to limit downloads (ex. no iTunes at Joco b/c of bandwidth hogging)  Limits on downloads, stream v. download (student play lists, for example, require CDs).  Who checks out mp3 players?  Are mp3 players a deadend technology themselves?  Music at the public library going away for good?
  • Philosophy discussion – copyright and licensing issues – how will this work in the future?  Online database model for future AV content streaming (with proper bandwidth)
  • VHS – Going away in most small libraries  – what about new technologies like blue ray?  Joco considering starting a new blue ray collection.  Space issues, collection development issues – DVRs
  • Audiobooks – Playaways?
  • Televisions – on demand entertainment, TIVO through commercials
  • What’s the model when there isn’t a physical item to check out?  Audiobooks, music and more creates artificial limitations to make it ‘seem like’ downloads are physical items.
  • Microsoft Office – Open Office to Google Docs (clould computing in the future)
  • PC Computer station going away?  Handhelds and laptops?  CRT monitors going, big CPUs going away
  • Solo stand-alone catalog – a “google” of libraries – with a courier  – change scoping, but it’s all interconnected (Georgia and Evergreen)

Future of Libraries (Kathryn facilitating)

  • Kathryn’s future presentation: People :: Place :: Content :: Community
  • Content: what we stock, Place: physical and virtual, People: library staff, and Community: user influence services – users more involved
  • What is a library now?  Our brand is books, do we tie ourselves to that brand?  What when a ‘book’ is in a different container.
  • MPL – no more VHS or cassettes – what comes next?  Is space needed?  DVD thin v. VHS thick?  Computers v. laptops v. mobile
  • Harry Potter and Star Wars are media neutral – the story is lego, movie, book, videogame
  • Ahead of the curve, but Library has the long-tail – outdated technologies that only a few places have for the late adopters or those who can’t afford the cutting edge technology.  Content over format?  Be container neutral?  If there’s a movie that is only available and popular on VHS, do we have to keep it?
  • Library as the 3rd place – with the bad economy, use is increasing of ALL formats
  • 50 year timeline:  which books will still here?  picture books, smut (but anonymous with iphone), immediate – Need more bandwidth (high speed)  Providing bandwidth – do patrons come for communal computing?  Sometimes…
  • Community centers with rec, pool, library, gym, etc.
  • Teaching and learning – align purpose and expand purpose
  • Academic library running out of space – fight between content and place
  • People – organizational structure as a bottleneck – librarians need to come into the organizaiton with the skills (retirement issues and ‘how’ boomers retire > leave the leadership position in favor of fun jobs they want to do)
  • How do you keep up?  Methodologies to keep up?  23 Things
  • Not really a profession of continuing education – need education on NEW stuff :: How does the profession keep up with the kids?!  Grad students v. undergrads and how the approach technology and databases – Grads are able to adapt and assimilate (and share these lessons with faculty)
  • Are Reference librarians still the BEST finders of answers and information??  Can a librarian do it better than Google?  How can they do it if they can’t ‘play’ with new technology?
  • Staff has a disconnect between ‘knows’ and ‘don’t knows’ with technology – stretched
  • Pace of change is fast, fast, fast.  How do you cope with multiple new technologies?  The More’s Law – rate of technological advancement
  • Changes needed – traditional library stuff, augment with new skills and playtime, and freedom to try and fail (shovers and makers) (MySpace, for example)  Do a tour working with teens, then embarrassment isn’t a fear anymore…

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