Final Friday Web Site Work Days

On Friday, NEKLS hosted another Final Friday Web Site Work Day for our libraries with WordPress sites through the My Kansas Library on the Web (KLOW) project.  KLOW was the fabulously great idea of Brenda Hough, the former Technology Consultant at NEKLS, and Liz Rea, our System Administrator.  NEKLS wanted a way for libraries with limited staff, limited budgets and limited HTML skills to have professional-looking Web sites and WordPress was the solution they found.  While at Tonganoxie, I jumped on the KLOW bandwagon early and ditched the FrontPage site I had created early in my tenure with a new site complete with a Flickr badge and lovely buttons for HomeworkKansas and the State Library’s Audiobooks, Music and More program.  I thought it was much fun and so easy to complete ‘redesign’ by just selecting a different theme.  All of the coolest Web 2.0 features–commenting, tagging, 3rd party widgets and IM chat via Meebo–are available as plugins or can be easily incorporated using a text widget.  I’m still a big fan and get much gratification out of offering these low-stress work days for librarians to come and play with their web sites.  The next one is November 21, because the Final Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and I’m not THAT dedicated. Sorry.


One thought on “Final Friday Web Site Work Days

  1. Looks like a great idea to replace the ‘skyways’ lib project. In doing review for the MedLine Go Local project most of the libraries out in western Ks, have ‘skyways’ sites that have not been updated in 7-8 years. Most of these fall under the NWKLS, and CEKLS systems.
    Of course this is all outside my realm, but seems like a great idea for other systems to get behind.
    Enjoying the Blog! Good Job!

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